WP Artist Gets Orlando WordCamp 2012 Organized

In 1998, after a car wreck and head trauma, Carol Gann found communication difficult. A friend who builds computers taught her son how to build a computer from spare parts. Carol found the home built computer a fascinating communication tool. Researching code online she built her first website in note pad. When the time came for rehabilitation Carol chose web development and attended Winter Park Tech. Graduating in 2001 with a 4.0 average as a National Vocational Honor Society member. Building her online portfolio working with non-profits she won the 2004 All-American Success Story for Orange County Florida. Often inspecting online code, in 2005 she found a website built in WordPress. She began researching the project and practiced using available themes and plugins. Trying to modify the core code she realized the WordPress architecture as a content management system. Believing in positive community actions, that small business owners are society’s backbone, she began using WordPress solely, teaching small business owners and start-ups how to edit their own websites. She has created online tutorials and screen-shot videos to teach small business owners how to use WordPress. Wanting to see others experience success she volunteers in the community. Because of her community involvement her company won the 2009-2010 Outstanding Partner in Education for Orange County Public Schools. An award typically awarded to larger corporations such as Darden and Disney World. She believes in the open-source community and the free sharing of information. Carol sees that the open source community offers opportunities for those interested in learning WordPress and it’s accessibility is noteworthy.


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3 Responses to WP Artist Gets Orlando WordCamp 2012 Organized

  1. Paul says:

    I’ll be @ Wordcamp tomorrow and I’ll say try and say Hello to you Carol!

    Wanted to send you a private email message but couldn’t find an e-dress for you on your linked page. I, too, had a TBI…

  2. Carol says:

    I look forward to meeting you tomorrow Paul. Thank you for the message and the email. I added you on FB.